Welcome to Symmetric

Testing Big Ideas in a Safe Place

We use computer modelling and simulation, mostly in health and social care, workforce planning, and public services to help you test big ideas in a safe place

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About Symmetric

Symmetric has been around since 2005, and Symmetric Scenarios is the means by which we provide all of our modelling and simulation services and much else, including:

Using models to support those who plan, run, commission, or use human services
(with roots in the health and social care sector, but covering public services generally)

  • group model building (often the preferred approach)
  • training people in how to build simulation models using mostly Stella Architect software
  • introductory courses
  • coaching and mentoring
  • more advanced functions
  • running workshops about insights gained from systems thinking and system dynamics simulation
  • raising awareness
  • publishing models to be explored and discussed
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