Delayed Discharges

Modelling Delayed Discharges (a simple start)

For the best part of two decades, the phenomenon of ‘delayed discharges’ has featured in many of our models, under the headings of ‘capacity planning’ or ‘health and social care integration’ or both.

The model on this page (below) is a hugely oversimplified example, showing what can happen when changes in the capacity of one service (social care) affect what happens in a connected service (hospital). Obviously, when working with a client, we would incorporate much more detail than this, such as more pathways, more services (home care, care homes, intermediate care of various kinds, reablement, unscheduled / elective capacities) and more subtle connections.

We normally build models for use with a client; we can either run the model in a workshop, or show a client how to run it. Now that we can publish models on the web, we must pay more attention to ‘user experience’, and we are still learning all that.   We would be very interested to know how you get on.

If you have come across this model at work, it is possible that you only have access to an older version of a browser (such as Internet Explorer), and therefore the model might simply not work. If that is the case, check whether your IT department can install a more up-to-date browser (or version) on your computer (in some organisations, that might not be possible). If you have a computer or tablet at home, we don’t want to suggest that you spend your leisure hours playing with our models but …..

This model is built using Stella Architect software, and is published on the isee Exchange.   Their guidance about browsers is that you need:   a recent version of any of several popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The browsers need to have a significant degree of support for html5, the new standard for delivering web content. Chrome will work best. Versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 10 won’t work well. (For the major browsers, the minimum version requirements are IE 11+, Edge any, Firefox 31+, Opera 27+, Safari 7+, and Chrome 37+.)

We welcome your feedback about any aspect of this model.