An ever-expanding collection of small models that you can play with and learn something from.

The models are built using Stella Architect software and shared using the isee Exchange. If you would like to find out more about how to build or use models, please contact us


Some of these models are explained in much more detail in a forthcoming book by Eric Wolstenholme and Douglas McKelvie, The Dynamics of Care (published by Springer, expected in summer 2019).

Simple Population Model

Very simple model of a population changing as a result of births and deaths. Contains enough information to enable you to see that a stock changes only as a result of changes in its inflows (births) and outflows (deaths).


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Workforce Model

A game (!) involving workforce planning for specialist doctors. You have two targets, for middle-grade doctors and consultants, and only one policy lever (change the intake size every five years). Lowest score wins.



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Delayed Discharge Model

We have developed many models that include Delayed Discharges. This is a somewhat simplistic (deliberately) model of a single hospital discharging some patients to a simple social care system. More to come.


DISCLAIMER: This model is not a serious planning tool but it does shed light on the problem, and points to a solution.

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